Elena’s long trip in the carpathian mountains!

A young wandering Black vulture decided to enjoy a week in the Carpathians! It started its long journey on 24th April and in 2 days only it crossed the Romanian border, to return to the Dadia-Lefkimi-Soufli Foreat National Park on 5th May.

It is known that Black Vultures can travel very long distances searching for food. This fact is confirmed by their frequent visits to Bulgaria, while it is not the first time a Back vulture from Dadia travels such a long distance, as last year one individual was found in Ankara. However, such trips keep surprising us, as they are not usual.

The journey of young “Helena”, as this Black Vulture was named, became known due to the satellite transmitters mounted last Autumn. These transmitters give us the opportunity to observe the bird movements in detail, to better know and understand their needs and the threats this threatened species might be facing.

The satellite transmitters were mounted on the Black Vultures by the Management Body, under LIFE project «Conservation of Black and Griffon vultures in the cross-border Rhodopes mountains» (LIFE RE-VULTURES), in which it participates as a subcontractor and that is 75% funded by the European Commission (LIFE NATURE). The project LIFE RE-VULTURES promotes the cross-border cooperation between Greece and Bulgaria, aiming at the increase and establishment of the Black- and Griffon Vulture populations in South-Eastern Europe.


For more information on the project LIFE RE-VULTURES click here.