According to Law 2742 (Official Gazette Issue 207/A/1999), the responsibilities of the Management Body of the National Park of Dadia-Lefkimi-Soufli Forest are:

  1. The preparation and responsibility for the implementation of administrative rules and operational regulations of the protected elements and the management plans.
  2. The monitoring and evaluation of the enforcement of regulatory requirements and restrictions imposed by Common Ministerial Decision and Decrees. In this context, the Management Body shall ensure the collection, classification and processing of environmental information and data for the area under its responsibility, as well as the establishment and operation of databases.
  3. The provision of advice prior to the approval of spatial planning and the approval of projects and activities within its areas of responsibility.
  4. The assistance of administrative and judicial authorities in monitoring the implementation of environmental legislation.
  5. The preparation of studies and research activities, as well as the execution of technical projects, which are necessary for the protection, conservation, restoration and promotion of the protected elements within the area under its responsibility.
  6. The undertaking of national or European programs and activities relative to its area of responsibility.
  7. The informing, education and training of the public.
  8. The promotion, support, organization and implementation of ecotourism programs, tour permits, the licensing of scientific research and the grant quality and cooperation mark to enterprises that fall within the protected area.
  9. The management of public land granted or leased by the Management Body.