General Information

The Dadia – Lefkimi – Soufli Forest National Park is located in the center of the “Evros” prefecture and covers an area of 428 km2, 72.9 of which are strictly protected. It’s geographical position is very important, being at the crossroads of Asia, Europe and Africa and close to the easternmost migration route flyway of many bird species. Man’s mild land use throughout the centuries has led to the formation of a landscape mosaic. Grazing, logging and a wildfires of low extent and intensity in the past have contributed to the formation of clearings that provide easier access for the birds of prey to their food resources. In the area, 360-400 plant species have been recorded, 25 out of which are orchids. There have also been observed 104 butterfly species, 12-13 amphibian species, 29 reptile species and 60-65 mammal species 24 out of which are bats. Furthermore, the relief such as rocky outcrops, streams and rivers, along with the geological formations and the endemic plants of the area are of great ecological value. In 1970 European scientists recognized the importance of the Dadia forest, in 1980 the area was declared as protected and since 2006 it has been characterized as a National Park. Currently, it is one of the few refuges for rare birds of prey in Europe, while it is home to the only breeding population of Black Vultures in the Balkans.