Information-Raising awareness

In the context of providing information and raising awareness a series of events are organized by the Management Body, aiming at disseminating environmental information, promoting the area and raising public awareness. Moreover, information and touring programs in the protected area are implemented, printed and electronic information material is produced, thematic events are organised, as well as workshops and seminars targeting at specific audiences as appropriate. The immediate plans of the Management Body involve the development of environmental education packages that will appeal to schools or small groups of children.

The Information Center has been operating in Dadia for over twenty years. Its role is to welcome visitors and help them in the observation and interpretation of nature, while simultaneously informing them about the National Park and its ecological, cultural and other values. Since 2003, when the Management Body was founded, the Information Center has been under its responsibility. Currently a study for its modernization and upgrade, funded by the Management Body, is taking place. The Information Center is open daily and hosts an exhibition room with photographs and informative material, as well as a projection room, where documentaries are projected concerning the National Park. Moreover, the visitor may be toured by specialized staff at the raptor observatory or walk through the marked trails in the woods. Thematic events, open to the public, take place on fixed dates, such as the World Forestry Day on March 21, the World Environment Day on 5 June and the Birds Festival on the first weekend of October.
The information and awareness actions are considered necessary so that the residents and visitors of the National Park will perceive the importance of the protected area and the regulations which govern it. Moreover, through these actions, the residents and the visitors are informed about the current status of the National Park, the environmental problems and the threats in an effort to raise their awareness and make them participate in the protection of the area.