Birds of Prey Protection

The majority of the Black Vulture nests is located within the strictly protected  Zone A, as defined by the Joint Ministerial Decision (JMD) 35633/2006, which in combination with the adequate guarding shall ensure the minimization of disturbance in nesting sites and the control of activities in these areas.

In addition, JMD 35633/2006 provides for the banning of interventions on vegetation within 50 meters range from the raptors nests and the banning of interventions that alter the structure and formation of clusters and the landscape of the surrounding area within 200 meters range from the nests, as well as a set of other measures designed to protect birds of prey.

Apart from nesting zones, ​​efforts are made to protect birds in the wider area. Therefore, the Management Body provides advice on the implementation of technical projects in the wider area of ​the National Park (eg wind farms, sand extraction, antennas installation, etc.) as well as on the use of the area by researchers, photographers etc.

The systematic nest monitoring, within the context of environmental monitoring, also contributes to the protection of birds, since any intervention can be performed timely in case any problem is noticed.